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The Top Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore In 2019

It goes without saying that digital marketing has come to stay. If you want to meet your customers in this age, you have to go where they are- online. One of the most beautiful things about technology is its ever-evolving nature. Year in year out, new technologies are rolled out and the existing ones are made smarter in order to cope with the dizzying pace of the digital age. Yesterday’s trend could easily be out of date by daybreak. In order to continually grab and sustain your customers’ attention, you need to be abreast of the digital advertising trends. Below are the top 2019 digital marketing trends you need to leverage.

Video Marketing: For the past few years, video content has been the leading driver in online marketing. And that won’t change anytime soon.

70% of customers report sharing a brand’s video (Wyzowl)

52% of customers report that video descriptions of products significantly influence their purchase decisions. (Invodo)

Video marketers enjoy 66% more qualified leads every year (Optinmonster)

72% of small business owners reveal that video marketing has helped provide a marked boost in conversion rate. (Wyzowl)

The numbers are simply staggering! Contrary to what many may think, video marketing does not end with YouTube. It’s also a surefire way of boosting your ROI on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In fact, live video has been tipped to be the next big thing on these platforms. If you’re wondering how you can harness the amazing potentials inherent in video marketing, you can check out the 5 creative ways to use video to promote your business.

Chatbots: An offshoot of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have been around for a while but their adoption rates have not followed predicted patterns. It looks like 2019 would be the much-awaited year of chatbots. Statistics show that more than 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots and 80% of top businesses already plan to employ chatbots by 2020. Chatbots would dominate responses to consumer queries in the world of advertising. By 2022, businesses would be saving more than $8 billion every year courtesy of chatbots.

Local influencer marketing: For small businesses, dominating the local arena is key. Thing is, while Fortune 500 businesses are only a handful, small businesses are ubiquitous. An important digital advertising trend to watch out for in 2019 is the shift in focus from influencer marketing to local influencer marketing. Admittedly., celebrity endorsement would stick around for a while, but the local influencers would be more coveted this year. The main advantage of local influencers over global influencers or celebrities would be the possibility of long-term, personalized advertisement campaigns.

Voice activated search: With the help of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and co, we can now interact with our smart devices as though they are humans. For digital marketers, the implication is that long tail keywords would become more popular. Let’s face it, talking is a lot less stressful than typing. And when we talk, we do not need to abbreviate search terms. Another interesting aspect of voice searches is that the assistant can only announce one result at a time. Soon, 'first result' would be the new goal for your SEO strategies, and not 'first page'.

There are many other digital marketing trends that deserve a mention but the four mentioned above would be the most important in 2019. Remember, the goal of advertising- catching and sustaining your customers’ attention- would always remain the same, no matter the trend. Telling your brand’s story and giving your customers the content they need is the surefire way to achieve this goal.

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