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Is Networking Still Important For Your Career?

By now you’ve heard the saying a thousand times, “your network is your net worth.” As cliché as it sounds…its true. The power of a strong network can have a major impact on the success of your career. I understand most people dread networking but I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should change your perspective on networking.

Before we start…what exactly is networking?

Although most people believe networking the simple exchange of information aka collect as many business cards as possible – to maximize your network, it goes deeper than being a card collector. Networking is about cultivating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. This can include things like grabbing coffee or attending educational seminars/conferences with your new associates.

Most people wonder, “why would I spend my precious time networking?” Below are the 3 reasons why networking is an essential key to your success.

1. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people

“You are the average of the five people you hang out with.” We have all seen this to be true. When you surround yourself with like-minded/success-minded individuals, the conversations are much different than the average conversation. Those progressive conversations keep you focused and clear on your goals. The pursuit of your career goals, can get very lonely at times but when you allow the right people to join and support your journey– you enjoy the ride much more. There is strength in numbers.

2. Advance your career development – cut your learning curve

When you network with individuals in and out of your industry, you have the opportunity to cut your learning curve. How? When you network and connect with the right people, they will always be open and willing to share the mistakes they’ve made along the way and the lessons they’ve learned. Learning these lessons allows you to now create a strategy which will help you avoid the same mistakes that someone else has already made – drastically cutting your learning curve.

3. Networking gives you access and more opportunities

One of the most overlooked advantages of networking is the opportunities for success that come along with it. Through networking, I have been able to develop many partnerships and life-long friendships. When you develop a relationship with someone (especially in a non-competitive industry), you open a door for additional business through referrals to business to your current and future clients. This mutually beneficial relationship also comes with access the individual’s network and you know what that means…more opportunities for the both of you!

We both know networking isn’t always at the top of our priority list but after reading this, you now understand how much opportunity for increased success you are leaving on the table by not going out there and networking intentionally!

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